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Holiday storybox
By Jbrown | Comments: 0
by Jaime Brown and Katie Armstrong, Preschool Teachers at the Foundation for Blind Children, Phoenix, Arizona.  (Editor's note:  Jaime and Katie both teach children who are blind or visually impaired and Jaime's class includes children with...

logo of iOS 6
By Marsha Bork | Comments: 0
  Things have moved around in iOS 6!    If you have purchased the iPhone 5 or upgraded your iPad/iPhone, you will quickly notice things have moved around in settings.  I have found settings to be a bit difficult to navigate with...

An adult helps to hold a young child's hands in place to touch the braille
By Laurie Hudson | Comments: 0
Laurie Hudson, the 2012 Braille Institute Braille Challenge Teacher of the Year, shares strategies for teaching braille to our youngest readers.  She believes that young children benefit from an approach to braille that is developmental, meaningful and...

iPad mounted on a slant board
By fayegonzalez | Comments: 4
By Faye Gonzalez, TVI & COMS The iPad is an awesome tool for children with disabilities, including those with visual impairments as well as other multiple disabilities (MD/VI).  Now you have an iPad – but how do you and your kiddos get...

Image of portable calendar system
By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 0
What is a Calendar Box or Anticipation Calendar? Calendar boxes provide a way to help children who are deafblind or blind or visually impaired with additional disabilities to anticipate what will happen in their day.  Using real objects from the daily...

Student explores items in food pyramid.
By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 1
October is Health Literacy Month and, according to their website, it is "a time for organizations and individuals to promote the importance of understandable health information."  For many of the students we teach, it can be difficult to make...

By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 0
Children who are blind or visually impaired need to have access to books, just as other children do.  Because they may not be able to see the illustrations and print, however, books will need to be adapted or modified in order for the experience to be...

Boy using iPad with his teacher
By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 2
Are you wondering how iPads can be used with your students? Whether you are working with young children, learners with multiple disabilities, or braille students, there are resources about apps and accessibility features that can help on the Path to Literacy...