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Maryland Common Core Frameworks for braille

The Maryland Common Core Frameworks for Braille: Webinar

Learn about the Maryland Common Core Braille Frameworks for Math and English Language Arts.
old woman who swallowed a fly

Modelling the Adaptation of Mainstream Literacy Lessons

Model lesson to demonstrate to a classroom teacher how to adapt the lesson content to meet the need of the child with visual impairment.
matching bucket

Matching Bucket Activity

Simple ideas to give young children who are blind or visually impaired practice matching and developing basic concepts
Full post office

Post Office Activity: Support Literacy, Numeracy, and Social Skills

This activity reinforces literacy, numeracy, and social skills through a post office game and related activities.

Shamrock in Braille

Directions to make a shamrock in braille for St. Patrick's Day with students who are blind or visually impaired
Cover of Hooway for Wodney Wat

Hooway for Wodney Wat

This braille book club selection is great for children who have been teased or bullied, and shows how all children have something to contribute
Nan and Grandad

Case study - Holistic Approach to Braille Reading Readiness

This case study of a young boy who is blind includes profile and background information, as well as suggested activities for braille reading readiness
12 amazing tricks

Amazing Magic Tricks!

Kids who are blind or visually impaired will love impressing their friends and families with these amazing magic tricks!
girl reading braille next to her mother

Bring Your Mom to Braille Lesson Day

Here's a creative idea for involving parents in learning more about braille and what their children are learning!
Accessible Image Cover

Accessible Image Sample Book

Learn to create accessible versions of digital images, such as maps, charts, diagrams and photographs.
Braille art as a stepping stone to tactile graphics

Braille Art as a Stepping Stone to Tactile Graphics

Braille art can be a stepping stone to tactile graphics, using real objects and other tactile materials to reinforce the meaning of an image.
child's hands reading braille

Braille Guidelines for the Classroom Practitioner

These guidelines for braille are designed to promote awareness among practitioners in inclusive settings.
Petit Souffle de vent cover

Les Doigts Qui Rêvent (Dreaming Fingers) Tactile Books

This French company creates and produces books for tactile readers, with rich tactile illustrations for young and emergent readers.
Bethany tactile illustration

Bethany stays for 1 sleepover with 1 Nana - Developing the concept of 'oneness'

This book for emergent braille readers used tactile illustrations and a simple story to reinforce the concept of the number "one".
collage of supermarket activity

Cross curricular theme to literacy and numeracy - The Supermarket

This activity shows that many skills in different subject areas can be taught through a single theme.
Txture palette from RNIB, used by BANA

Tips and Best Practices for Creating Tactile Graphics

Tips and best practices for creating tactile graphics for students who are blind or visually impaired
A girl with glasses reads a book.

Free Braille Books!

Two free braille books are available from Seedlings Book Angel Program 2014.
Reading braille on the Tactile Talking Tablet

SAL2 Mangold Braille Reading Program

SAL2 Mangold Braille Reading Program uses the Talking Tactile Tablet (TTT) to teach young readers, as well as teens and adults, to read braille.
UEB webinar

A Brief Overview of Unified English Braille

Free webinar on UEB (Unified English Braille)
Marking braille

Indicator Dots

Indicator dots are an easy and efficient way for students who are blind to mark their braille work.