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Below are posts related to Braille resources.

A secondary student in Africa uses a braillewriter.

Poems from Uganda

Poems from students at a school for the blind in Uganda about the value of braillewriters
Portrait of Louis Braille

Happy Birthday, Louis Braille!

We celebrate the life of Louis Braille every January with National Braille Literacy month! Read more about his life and the creation of the braille code.

Accessible Games, Commercially Available

List of toys and games that are commercially available which are accessible to players with visual impairments, right out of the box.
Cover of Gerald McBoing Boing

Gerald McBoing Boing is December 2013 Book Club Selection

December 2013 NBP Book Club Selection is a rhyming story based on the work of Dr. Seuss.
Seedlings tribute card

Seedlings Tribute Cards

Honor a loved one this holiday season by donating to Seedlings Braille Books and giving a braille book to a child in need.
Child sits on Santas lap

Letters in Braille from Santa

Receive a braille letter from Santa!
Close up of braille

Here Comes Unified English Braille!

Blog posts about the transition to UEB (Unified English Braille) in North America
Braille Code Collection Boxes

Braille Code Collection Boxes

Motivate children to learn letters or contractions of the braille code by collecting things in boxes or containers.
APH Braille Book Corner logo

APH Braille Book Corner

Recreational braille books available through quota funds at APH
Find a course

Braille and Your Baby or Toddler

Tools and information for parents or adults wishing to help to prepare an infant or toddler for the world of braille
Special Collections from the Braille Institute

Free Books from Braille Institute Special Collection!

Catalog of free braille books now available from Braille Institute
Cover of Castle

Castle: How It Works

National Braille Club book selection is a work of non-fiction
ReadBooks! logo

ReadBooks! Program

ReadBooks! is an early braille literacy program for families of children who are blind

The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly

Literacy and numeracy ideas for children who are blind or visually impaired for "The old woman who swallowed a fly"
Tech doctor blog banner

Braille is Cool! Spread the Word

Reflections on the importance of braille in the lives of people who are blind

A fun interactive resource: The old woman who lived in a shoe

Interactive literacy and numeracy ideas for students who are blind or visually impaired
Easy - Easier Posting Box

Easy-Easier Posting Box

A tool promote self-esteem and self-determination, by encouraging learners to identify tasks that they would like to find easier.
tactile graphics of insect and bird

Now I See What You See

Tactile picture book
Lazy Sue activity

Fun games with a 'Lazy Sue' supporting literacy in an inclusive way

Inclusive game for children with visual impairments
Braille blocks with numbers

ABC and Number Blocks in Braille

Braille math and ABC blocks