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Thomas Marshall uses the SMART Brailler

The SMART Brailler in action!

See the SMART brailler in action on this blog.
Shakespeare on Twitter

Overview of Changes in Braille Code

This document presents some of the most significant changes to literacy braille.
Easter braille art

Braille Art

Ideas for making braille drawings and creating braille art with a brailler
girl reads braille book

Spring 2013 Issue of DOTS is now available

Spring issue 2013 of DOTS for Braille Literacy now available
Reading braille book

Spring into Braille Reading with Hadley!

Announcing a braille reading contest through Hadley School for the Blind
Syndicated Columnist Weekly cover

Magazines by National Braille Press

Announcement of braille magazines from National Braille Press
Braillephun letters


Product for braille games and activities for children who are blind or visually impaired.
Photos of presidents of the United States

Books for Presidents' Day

Braille books about the presidents of the United States
Cover of Henry's Freedom Box

Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad

This braille book is a good way to introduce students who are blind to slavery and Black History Month.
Woman and girl look at book together.

Braille Reading Pals Club

Find out how families of young children who are blind or visually impaired can promote positive feelings about braille
Mother's Day Card with photo of Kara and her mother

Kara’s turning point in learning Braille

Close up view of a refreshable braille display

Transforming Braille

Learn about this project which seeks to bring an affordable tactile eBook experience to braille readers through the reduction of cost of braille displays.
Girl uses braille writer

Braille Creative Writing Contest

Announcement of creative writing contest in braille
child using TacTiles

National Braille Press Launches a Blog

Announcement of new blog from National Braille Press
A young girl examines a textured ball.

Integrating Print and Braille: A Recipe for Literacy

This book from NFB offers practical strategies and an instructional framework for teaching dual media learners, or students with low vision who use both print and braille as literacy media.
Blind Bargains logo

Blind Bargains: Deals & News for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Blind Bargains is a website that offers information about products and news that is of interest to people who are blind or visually impaired.
A photograph of the outside of Louis Braille's home in Coupvray, France

New Issue of DOTS for Braille Literacy (Fall, 2012) now available

Announcement of the most recent issue of DOTS for Braille Literacy
Periodic table

Accessible Periodic Table

This page includes information about an accessible periodic table, as well as links to Audio Embossed materials.
Cover of Jeremy's Dreidel

Jeremy's Dreidel

This children's book focuses on a boy who makes a dreidel out of clay, with braille on it for his father who is blind.
Screenshot of VoiceOver

Quick Reference Guide for Voiceover on iOS

This quick reference guide defines gestures, keyboard commands, and refreshable braille commands for voiceover on iOS.