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Below are strategies posts related to Braille.

A girl examines a bracelet on her wrist

Nature Walk

Nature walks can inspire students with visual impairments to write about what they find.
A boy reads his braille calendar on the wall.

Tracking Reading Homework

Make your reading calendar accessible to braille users with these ideas!

Bass Drum File Folder Game for Dual Media Learners

Students with low vision who are learning braille can practice the whole word contractions the, and, with, of, child, still, and to with this game.
A boy puts chocolate syrup on his ice cream.

Mardi Gras: A Recipe for... (disaster?)

Following a recipe can be a fun way to promote braille literacy, while also working on cooking and independent living skills.
Tactile Valentine post box

Creating an Accessible Valentine's Day Post Box

Make Valentine's Day accessible to children who are blind, deafblind, visually impaired or multiply disabled with accessible post boxes!
hieroglyphics written in stone surface

Braille “Hieroglyphics”

Create braille "hieroglyphics" or a cryptogram to motivate children who are blind or visually impaired to crack the code!
Tactile Valentine cards with braille

Braille Valentines for Our Students to Receive

Support sighted classmates in making accessible tactile Valentines with braille for children in inclusive classrooms who are blind, deafblind, or visually impaired.
close up of the volcano project with the vocabulary cards around it

Volcanoes!: Making Science Accessible to Children Who Are Deafblind

This volcano assignment shows how to make science accessible to students who are deafblind.
Boggle pieces spelling dream

Braille Boggle

Adapt the game of boggle for braille users!
Animal cell

Tactile Bulletin Board: Cells

Create a tactile bulletin board to make cells and biology accessible to braille readers and students who are blind or visually impaired.
'Pinocchio' Tactile Story Book For The Visually Impaired People-Sözer VURGUN

Pinocchio Tactile Story Book

Tactile books can help children with visual impairments to develop essential tactile skills.
Pattern calendar

Pattern Calendar with 3D Printed Shapes

Create 3D printed shapes for a pattern calendar for students who are blind or visually impaired.
Black holes on tactile bulletin board

Space and Constellations Bulletin Board

Tactile bulletin board of constellations
Embossed Christmas tree

Christmas Designs to Emboss

These embossable Christmas designs are fun for the holidays with braille users and others who enjoy tactile art.
A young boy carries a muffin tin cup

Multi-Skill Braille Cell Muffin Tin Activity

This hands-on activity works on basic concepts and braille readiness skills.
Two boys sitting on rug holding their calendars

Making an Advent Calendar Accessible

Make your Advent calendar accessible to children who are blind or deafblind this Christmas using braille.
Braille design examples

"Just for Fun" Braille Designs

Find out what size paper you need to make braille designs.
Tree of Thanks

Tree of Thanks

This Thanksgiving craft give students with visual impairments and other special needs the chance to write about what they are thankful for.
Cleaning supplies

Incorporating Writing and the ECC through Interviewing

Interviewing others is a great way to practice ECC skills, such as career exploration, while also developing writing skills.
Turkey jars

Thankful Turkey Jar

Thanksgiving craft activity for kids who are blind, deafblind, low vision or with other special needs focusing on what they are thankful for