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Texas Symposium on Deafblindness

Artwork of studentPre-Symposium Workshop: The Basics of Understanding Deafblindness in Children and Youth

March 2, 2017
The staff from the Texas Deafblind Project will present a one-day Pre-Symposium Workshop at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, James C. Durkel Conference Center. The content of this workshop will be a day of “Deafblindness 101”, with information geared toward parents, educators, and associated professionals who are new the world of deafblindness.
The pre-conference training, “The Basics of Understanding Deafblindness in Children and Youth,” will provide an overview of:
  • Terminology associated with the issues surrounding deafblindness;
  • The effects of deafblindness on information access and concept development;
  • Understanding and communicating with people who are deafblind;
  • Encouraging and supporting purposeful and confident movement;
  • Strategies to more effectively offer support and connect with people who are deafblind;
  • Developing successful and meaningful learning activities; and
  • Elements of effective intervention in a variety of settings.


2017 Texas Symposium on Deafblindness: Making Connections

March 3-4, 2017
The theme for 2017 is Making Connections and will focus on the importance of making connections in the life of individuals with deafblindness. The speakers include:
  • Dr. Judy Cameron, Center on Developing Children at Harvard
  • Dr. Joe Gibson, Outdoor and Physical Activities Co-ordinator for Sense Scotland 
  • Suzanne Zeedyk, University of Dundee (Scotland), within the School of Psychology and founder of Connected Baby
  • Bernadette van den Tillaart, Deafblind Consultant and National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities Doctoral Scholar
  • Robbie Blaha, Deafblind Education Consultant with TSBVI Outreach and many more
Paths to Literacy will be there to meet you on Saturday.  Please stop by to say hello!

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Event Date: 

Mar 02, 2017 to Mar 04, 2017