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Grade 3 Braille

I read and write braille grade three. Does anyone else ? If so, could they let me know please.

I am reviving grade three as a viable proposition.  I feel that there is merit in reviving this code as those readers who have used it in a consistent manner will have appreciated that the challenge needed in using it will have paid dividends. I would welcome others views

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Grade 3 Braille:


Grade 3 Braille

Posted by Charlotte Cushman

Contact  They write:  "Grade 3 Braille?  Yes indeed! Couldnt have got thru university w/o it! Even better when you add in French contractions."

Grade 3 braille use

Posted by Clyde Stout

I have lately been using grade 3 Braille. In fact, I have put together a songbook and it's amazing how much space you can save. I, too, would like !see it become a standard, but I don't think that BANA will allow it. They are stuck on Unified English Braille, as if that were all there is. Maybwh they should take a more acctive roll in promoting grade 3 Braille and standardizing it. I wdal like corespond with other people who use grade 3 braille.

Grade 3 Braille

Posted by Phil Myers

I have been wanting to learn Grade 3 Braille also to further my knowledge with Braille. I make Braille Greeting Cards and I think Grade 3 Braille would help speed up my production capabilities.

Reply to Phil's post

Posted by clyde Stout

Yes, Phil, it will speed up your production, but since Grade 3 Braille is not the standard, very few blind people will be able to read it. Don't get me wrong, I agree with you, and I love grade 3 Braille, but not enough of us know it, so that prevents it from being more universally used. Still, Ik, for one, would love to get a greeting card written in grade 3 Braille. You can get a lot more on a greeting card by that means.