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Seeking Participants for Short Study about Dual Media Learners

Dual media student

My colleague Tina Herzberg and I are conducting a short study about dual media learners.  We want to talk to a triad – a student in grades 6-12, the student’s parent, and the student’s TVI to learn about the student’s experience learning braille. We want students to have started learning braille in 4th grade or higher.

This is a brief study – one interview for each person and then an interview with the  three together.  We’ll also call the student twice to ask him/her some questions.  Each person will receive a $25 gift card for participating.

If you, a student, or a parent is interested please see the attached flyer.  Email Tina Herzberg at THERZBERG@USCUPSTATE.EDU for a consent packet.  We need a consent filled out for each participant.

Dual media flyer


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