Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Seeking Strategies for Supporting Students in Math and Science

Nemeth Code within the UEB context

Hi TVIs and Transcribers!

I am on sabbatical this spring, working on a book with Sara Larkin and Susan Osterhaus about the Nemeth Code within UEB Context and strategies for teaching and supporting students from preschool through high school in math and science classes. The primary audience for this book will be people who are learning braille to support students, though I believe the book will be valuable to those who already know braille and are working as teachers of students with visual impairments.

In the book I want to include real-life examples of math and science instructional materials at various grade levels that have been transcribed and adapted for use by braille readers. These are some of the things I am reaching out to ask people to share with me:

  1. Teacher made worksheets, homework assignments, assessments, or books for math or science that are not copyright protected. Ideally please share both the print and braille file. If you do not have a braille file, that is fine.
  2. Teacher made materials used to teach and support students learning math concepts, for example a way you adapted a fraction activity or graphing assignment. If you can share a photo of the material alone or with a student using it, that is great. Please do not include the student’s face in the photo.
  3. Stories about what has worked and not worked for you in your role supporting students at various grade levels in math and science classes.
  4. Commercially available materials that you have used and found helpful. Tell me where the material is from (e.g., provide a link to the web site), the grade level of the student, and how you used the material with the student.
  5. Strategies you use to ensure your student who is a braille reader is successful in the general education classroom.
  6. Ways in which you pre-teach math concepts to the student so that the student is prepared for general education classroom instruction.


If you send me a braille file, please provide a brief explanation of how the transcription has been formatted. I would also like to add possible variations for individual students. I want real world examples that show how TSVIs adapt materials for individual student needs.

Anyone who sends materials before Friday, March 1, will be entered for a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and share with me. Please share this request with your colleagues!

If there is something else that comes to mind that is not on my list, send it along! My email for this project is