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Survey on Quotation Marks & Apostrophes in UEB

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The UEB Code Maintenance Committee is seeking opinions on a possible change to the representation of single quotation marks and apostrophes in UEB.

An explanatory document (in print and braille) and survey link are located on the ICEB home page at

Please spread the word of the survey through your local listservs, social media, newsletters, meetings and word-of-mouth. 

It is important that we reach as many people as possible. Adults who read a lot of electronic braille, adults who read mainly hard copy braille, teachers of children learning braille and braille transcribers are all likely to hold different opinions and their voices need to be heard. Moreover, there is a big difference in the predominance of single quotation marks in print across countries. 

The survey will be open for the month of June.

The Code Maintenance Committee (CMC) of the International Council on English Braille (ICEB) would like your input on possible changes to the braille representation of single quotation marks and the apostrophe to facilitate translation and reading on electronic braille devices. The explanatory document gives an explanation of the problem and the options under consideration. (Thanks to James Bowden, UK, and Leona Holloway, Australia, for their work on this.) 

After reading the information, please complete the survey at: to indicate your preference. The CMC will use the results of the survey to guide their decision on this issue. 

The survey will be available until the end of June. If necessary, this time frame may be extended. 

Please share this message with any colleagues who may be interested (with apologies for all the cross-postings I hope this will generate). 

Thanks for your attention to this issue. 

With best regards, 

Phyllis Landon
ICEB Code Maintenance Officer