Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Toddler Cane Survey

A young girl wearing a toddler cane
Safe Toddles offers the Toddler Cane, a wearable white cane intended to provide next step warning to toddlers with visual impairment. Tactile next step warning occurs when a mobility device sweeps the floor space ahead of the next footstep. The Toddler Cane design provides the same tactile next step warning as a long, white cane, but in a more appropriate toddler form.
The Toddler Cane eliminates sudden bodily contacts with obstacles and enables toddlers with visual impairment to develop skills in reacting to tactile next step warning. The Toddler Cane allows the toddler with visual impairment to:
  • Detect drop-offs/stairs
  • Detect stationary objects in the path
  • Push lightweight objects out of the path
  • Move closer to objects for further exploration
  • Sit down, twirl around, and engage with their environment
Safe Toddles is seeking people to complete the survey found on their website, as well as parents and O & M instructors who are interested in participating in a trial.