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Marrakesh Treaty U.S. Senate Votes to Ratify Marrakesh Treaty Jul 09, 2018 The Marrakesh Treaty, adopted by the member states of the World Intellectual Property Organization... more
logo for Blindfold Games Survey for Game-Based Learning Jun 01, 2018 Are you familiar with Blindfold Games?  Over the past 4 years our company has created 80 accessible... more
APH 160th anniversary seal APH Writing Contest May 23, 2018 American Printing House for the Blind (APH) is hosting a National Writing Contest in celebration of... more
Haaga Helia logo Survey for Individuals with Visual Impairment May 13, 2018 A team of six students from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki invite you to... more
Canute Bristol Braille Canute May 03, 2018 By Liam Smyth, Bristol Braille Technology Applications of Affordable Multi-Line Refreshable... more
Logo for Teachers College Recruitment for Research Study on Deafblindness May 03, 2018 Recruitment for Research Study Protocol Title: Language Environments of Learners with... more
Screenshot of Sensorium Survey Survey on Accessible and Inclusive Digital Design May 01, 2018 We are a group of digital designers based in Paris and we are currently working on a new kind of... more
Cornell Tech NYC logo Tech Project Seeking Input from TVIs Apr 25, 2018 The Cornell Tech lab is researching the role of technology in concept development for students... more
University of Arizona logo Survey on Professional Development Needs for Teaching Academic Students Apr 25, 2018 Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum (University of Arizona) and Dr. Tina Herzberg (University of South Carolina... more
Call for Action: concept development Seeking People to Collaborate on Project on Concept Development for VI Mar 05, 2018 Dear Colleague, Within the expertise program “Knowledge & Ability” of Royal Dutch Visio,... more
Clipboard with checkboxes CVI Survey for TVIs Feb 15, 2018 We are fellow Teachers of the Visually Impaired who are working with collaborators in a study group... more
Kirk Adams and Craig Meador announcing the partnership. New Partnership Between APH and AFB Feb 09, 2018 The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) and the American Printing House for the Blind (APH)... more
UMass Boston logo New Proposed Program from the University of Massachusetts Boston Feb 06, 2018 Graduate Certificate in the area of Assistive Technology Instructional Specialist for People with... more
APH logo Seeking Field Evaluators for the UEB Math Tutorial Feb 05, 2018 APH is seeking field evaluators for the UEB Math Tutorial. The tutorial is designed for visually... more
Favorites Save Your Favorites! Feb 02, 2018 Keep track of your favorite activities and articles to try now, read later, share with friends,... more
University of Arizona logo Participate in a Research Study about Writing! Jan 26, 2018 Analysis of Writing Samples of Middle and High School Students with Visual Impairments DEADLINE: ... more
Rat logo Reading Adventure Time: Free App to Improve Literacy! Jan 22, 2018 Reading Adventure Time! is a free, teacher-centric, student-friendly app that includes activities... more
Pencil, braillewriter, lap top, tactile symbols Survey on Learning Media Assessment Jan 17, 2018 We are seeking teachers of students with visual impairments to participate in a survey to gather... more
Screenshot of partial recruitment flyer Recruiting Families for Research Study Jan 17, 2018 A new research study is currently recruiting families with a child with a visual impairment to... more
CCLVI logo Scholarship Available to College Students with Low Vision Jan 14, 2018 The Council of Citizens with Low Vision International (CCLVI), an affiliate of the American Council... more
logo for text spotting MIT's Fifth Sense Project Jan 08, 2018 A team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is addressing a range of assistive technology... more
A girl sits in front of a computer screen as an adult leans over next to her. Blind Kids Create Online Inclusive Games and Play at Their First Tournament! Jan 02, 2018 Imagine playing online games without knowing -or caring- if the other player might be blind.... more
A young girl wearing a toddler cane Toddler Cane Survey Dec 19, 2017 Safe Toddles offers the Toddler Cane, a wearable white cane intended to provide next step warning... more
Paths to Literacy Pinterest boards Do You Follow Us On Pinterest? Dec 11, 2017 You may already be using Pinterest to save and organize ideas as you move around the internet, but... more
Animal Watch Vi Suite AnimalWatch Vi Suite Now Available Through APH Dec 04, 2017 The AnimalWatch Vi Suite is a free package designed to help students at the pre-algebra level (... more
Hand under hand The Role of the Intervener for Children Who Are Deafblind Dec 01, 2017 This article examines the role of the intervener for children who have a combined vision and... more
AER logo New AER Division on Neurological Visual Impairment Nov 28, 2017 AER (Association for the Rehabilitation and Education of the Visually Impaired) recently announced... more
BANA headline Final Release of Braille Formats, 2016, from BANA Nov 20, 2017 The 2016 revision of Braille Formats Principles of Print-to-Braille Transcription is now available... more
Orbit Reader 20 Orbit Reader 20 Nov 14, 2017 The Orbit Reader 20 is being hailed as "a low-cost breakthrough in a refreshable braille device".  ... more
Image of brain and person using a tablet computer Seeking Participants for Research Study on Link Between Visual Function and Brain "Wiring" in CVI Nov 13, 2017 Dr. Lotfi B. Merabet, O.D., Ph.D, MPH and the Laboratory for Visual Neuroplasticity at... more