Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

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iep goals collage
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Ideas to create books to carry out and support your child's IEP goals
model magic activity
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Hands-on activity to practice alphabet and counting skills with young braille learners
Added by Charlotte Mellor
Tips for encouraging language development in young children with visual impairment and additional needs
Notes for Liam box
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Tips on promoting inclusion with children who are blind or deafblind in mainstream settings
Waff creative journal kit
Added by Sandy Kenrick
This do-it-yourself braille activity board for students with visual impairments can be used as a motivational tool for beginning braille users.
bedtime routine
Added by Sandy Kenrick
This activity is designed to help children who are deafblind, blind or visually impaired to count down the days until an event occurs using a tactile chart with braille.
Mother and son using tactile sign to read together
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Tips on reading aloud with young children who are deafblind
coat hanger with "Liam" label in braille
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Tips on creating a braille-rich environment in the home for children who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind
A mother who is blind reads a book with her sighted child
Added by Courtney Tabor-Abbott
A mother who is blind shares some of the joys and frustrations of raising her young child.
travel tin example
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Parent-made materials that can be used to entertain emerging braille readers