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for students who are blind or visually impaired

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Full post office

Post Office Activity: Support Literacy, Numeracy, and Social Skills

This activity reinforces literacy, numeracy, and social skills through a post office game and related activities.
Ideas for developing early literacy, numeracy and visual skills

Developing Early Literacy, Numeracy and Visual Skills

Hands-on ideas for helping young children with visual impairments to develop early literacy, numeracy, and visual skills
Using everyday objects to teach concept development to children who are blind or visually impaired

Practical Ideas to Support Concept Development

Use everyday objects to help children who are blind or visually impaired to develop basic concepts with these hands-on activities.
A teacher performs a reading assessment with a student.

Assessing the Reading Speed and Stamina of Students with Low Vision

Demonstration and procedures of assessment of reading speed and stamina of a student with low vision
Joseph Maino

Introduction to Low Vision Devices

This video provides an introduction to low vision devices and information on teaching individuals to use these devices.

A fun interactive resource: The old woman who lived in a shoe

Interactive literacy and numeracy ideas for students who are blind or visually impaired
Easy - Easier Posting Box

Easy-Easier Posting Box

A tool promote self-esteem and self-determination, by encouraging learners to identify tasks that they would like to find easier.
Hands playing the piano

Lime Lighter Music Reading Device for People with Low Vision

People with low vision will be able to read standard musical notation with greater ease using Lamp Lighter Music.
Braille fortune cookie

Lucky Touch Braille Fortune Cookies

Braille fortune cookies are available from California School for the Blind.
Girl reading on Bookshare

Using Bookshare to Develop Reading Skills

Case studies of two children who benefit from the digital books available through Bookshare
Girl reading large print on iPad

Large Print Textbooks for Digital Download on eReaders

APH (American Printing House for the Blind) now offers digital download of hundreds of large print textbooks for eReaders.
Learn to Use Your Vision for Reading (LUVReading) Workbook™

Learn to Use Your Vision for Reading

This workbook is designed to help adult readers with macular degeneration or other types of low vision to continue to read for utility and pleasure.
Darick Wright holds magnifier with boy wearing glasses.

Getting to 1M: Understanding Magnification and Print Size

Video of determining print size, using a visual acuity chart, and different types of magnification
Boy uses handheld magnifier to read a line of print.

Low Vision: Access to Print

Position paper on providing access to print for students with low vision
Boy uses handheld magnifier to read a line of print.

Facilitating Visual Efficiency and Access to Learning in Students with Low Vision

Position paper on facilitating visual efficiency and access to learning for students with low vision