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for students who are blind or visually impaired


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Slide from powerpoint presentation

Applying the Results of the ABC Braille Study to Real-Life Teaching: One Teacher's Interpretation

By Charlotte Cushman
Image from study on visual attentiveness using iPad

iStimulation: Research on iPad Apps for Children with Visual Impairments

By Charlotte Cushman

Parents' Perspectives on Braille Literacy: Results from the ABC Braille Study

By Jan Seymour-Ford
A young boy watches attentively as adult signs to him.

Dialogic Reading: What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report

By Charlotte Cushman
A boy uses a Braille Note at his desk.

The Impact of Early Exposure to Uncontracted Braille Reading on Students with Visual Impairments

By Charlotte Cushman
A girl works on a braille worksheet while her teacher looks on.

Teaching Early Braille Literacy Skills within a Stimulus Equivalence Paradigm to Children with Degenerative Visual Impairments

By Charlotte Cushman
One hand reading braille

Studies of Braille Reading Rates and Implications for the Unified English Braille Code

By Charlotte Cushman
Elementary school age boy reads a braille book

Teaching and Assessing the Appropriateness of Uncontracted Braille: Research Report

By Charlotte Cushman
A boy uses a braillewriter.

A review of the literature into effective practice in teaching literacy through braille

By Charlotte Cushman
Teacher signs to student while working on money activity.

Web-Based Resources for Mathematics: Articles Related to Mathematics Education

By Charlotte Cushman
Boy works on mathematics problem.

Working Memory and Math Problem Solving by Blind Middle and High School Students: Implications for Universal Access

By Charlotte Cushman
Mathematical formula

MathML Software Research Projects

By Charlotte Cushman
Two boys work together on a math problem.

Current Research in Math for VI Students

By Charlotte Cushman
Two boys examine mathematical manipulatives.

American Printing House for the Blind Mathematics Research Analysis

By Charlotte Cushman
Research study on mathematics education for students who are blind or visually impaired
Color graphic of experiment

Relating Braille Reading Difficulties to Developmental Dyslexia: First Empirical Evidence

By Charlotte Cushman
Two hands read a page of braille.

Braille and Dyslexia

By Charlotte Cushman
Young child touches tactile book with adult guidance.

Reading Aloud to Children: The Evidence

By Charlotte Cushman
A boy wearing headphones sits at a computer.

Discrimination and Comprehension of Synthetic Speech by Students with Visual Impairments: The Case of Similar Acoustic Patterns

By Charlotte Cushman
A girl with glasses reads a braille book.

Coping Strategies in Reading: Multi-readers in the Norwegian General Education System

By Charlotte Cushman
A teenage boy sits at a computer.

How Speech-Feedback and Word-Prediction Software Can Help Students Write

By Charlotte Cushman