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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Accessible Comics for the Blind

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Comics Empower is an online comic book shop that makes comics accessible to individuals who are blind or visually impaired through audio format.  Created by Guy Hasson, the comics are translated to audio in a way that gives the listeners the feeling of reading a comic book, with descriptions that do not stop the flow of the story.  

Super-Hero Who Is Blind

It also features Aurora, which is an adventure sci-fi series with a super-hero who is blind.  "Daniel Price was blinded in battle. Yet he is the only man who can save Earth, the only man who can activate an ancient robot fighting machine, called Aurora. He can no longer fly it properly, since he can’t see. And he can’t aim properly for the same reason. But the Aurora is the only weapon who will save the Earth. Daniel will just have to find a way to be a hero."

Designed for readers 9 and up, Aurora is a monthly series.  The author promises three things about Aurora:
  • The good guys always win.
  • Daniel will never ever regain his sight. Blind kids can’t, and neither can he.
  • Daniel will never ever develop a kind of sixth sense that will allow him to magically ‘see’ what’s going on around him. Nope. Daniel is blind. And he will have to deal as a blind person. And he will find a way to be a hero.
Prices start at $3.00.
This sounds like a great way to empower kids who are blind and to encourage them to be heroes too!   
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Posted on June 27, 2016
Updated on: February 8, 2018