Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired


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ihome package

iHome Power Clip

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 1

DOT: Paving a new path for braille-Smart Braille Watch

By DanielK | Comments: 0
tactype keyboard

TacType Keyboard

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 0
Image of Dolly Parton reading a book with a young girl

Free print/braille books available for children under the age of 6!

By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 0
Bluetooth keyboard

Video Demonstration of Editing Using Bluetooth Keyboard

By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 0
maths discovery box

Math Discovery Box

By gwyn52 | Comments: 0
measurement tools

Measurement Resources Leaflet

By gwyn52 | Comments: 0
OSB Logo

All About That Braille

By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 0

Supporting Students with Low Vision Using Apple Technology

By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 1
Speak selected text

Student-Created Video on Low Vision Mac Tips

By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 0
Dr. Bill Braille Institute logo

Dr. Bill Telephone Education Series

By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 0
Braille spelling dictionary page

Braille Spelling Dictionary for Beginning Writers

By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 0
two boys read braille books outside

Tips to Include Braille and Literacy in the Home This Summer!

By Holly Cooper | Comments: 0
template for annual reviews

Template for Organizing Annual Reviews

By mlewicki | Comments: 0
New symbols for UEB

Overview of Changes from Current Literary Braille to UEB

By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 0
Braille Song with Jaws

Video of Whole Word Braille Contractions

By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 0
UEBOT logo

UEBOT: Unified English Braille Online Training

By Charlotte Cushman | Comments: 6
number line

Number Line

By gwyn52 | Comments: 0
The Adventures of Abby Diamond "Arrested" Number 5

Abby Diamond: The Power of a Fictional Character Who Is Blind

By Kristie Smith | Comments: 2
Student and teacher using abacus

Alignment of Mathematical Skills to Instructional Tools for Students with Visual Impairments

By njohnson | Comments: 0