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for students who are blind or visually impaired

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Accelerated Reader (AR) has been described as "the most popular and successful reading product of all time". Based on each student's independent reading level, AR helps teachers set personalized goals for each student, and guide students to books difficult enough to keep them challenged, but not so difficult to cause frustration.  AR serves as the practice component of a comprehensive reading program by promoting personalized practice combined with data to monitor and manage that practice. 

Accelerated Reader has updated the AR app, so that it is now accessible for students with visual impairments!   Renaissance Learning released version 1.2.3  and you can try it out with a demo book that is built-into the app.  Click the Try Demo button on the login screen.  VoiceOver works alone (with touch screen gestures) and VoiceOver can be driven by a Bluetooth Keyboard or Refreshable Braille Display.  If your students are practicing braille skills, mute the VoiceOver speech and read the quizzes in braille on the refreshable braille display.  Remember to rate AR reader and/or let Renaissance Learning know that we appreciate their work to make this app accessible.

Their ATOS has been determined to be a valid measurement of text complexity for the Common Core Standards.  

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