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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Keynote App to Support Sign Language and Communication

Man signing "tree"

The Keynote app is designed to make "world-class" presentations, complete with animated charts and transitions.  I have found that this app is also a great way to share presentations with other professionals, parents, and outside agencies with parental permission. Currently, a speech therapist shared 4 presentations with me of a student's signs, as their sign is not the typical ones.  Each slide can also be a video of the student demonstrating the sign.

Here are a few examples of how signs can be used with this app. (Note that this is not my student!)

Garden words









Man signing "plant"










This app currently sells for $9.99 from iTunes.

Keynote app collage


We got this!!!

Posted by Caitlyn

My district has this app for all employees to download. Thus far we've only been using it to share information regarding state mandated testing, changes in law, etc. I LOVE this idea!! Often times my student who is deafblind has signs that are 'lost in translation' as not every one knows what the student is trying to say. Which means frustration on both sides...mainly on my student's side which leads to acting out behaviours. I can't wait to try this out!! I've already emailed the team. Loving the video suggestion too! Thank you!!!

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