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Slapstick Math: Free iOS App from APH

Slapstick Math

Slapstack Math™ is a free action and memory game that uses math flash cards instead of playing cards. Slapstack Math is fully accessible for all users. The goal is to collect the most points by pulling in the most cards. Two to eight players can play on the iPad®, or two to four players on the iPhone®.

When the game starts, cards with single numbers are dealt and announced. At first, the only rule is to slap the table when an 11 comes up on the screen. The first player to slap the table gets to claim all the cards that have been dealt up to that time.
After a while, you may want to add more rules – for example, players have to raise their arms and yell “Whee!” when an 8 comes up, and clap their hands when a 3 appears (and still slap the table on 11’s). You may add as many new rules as you want, making the game a little crazier each time.
The real challenge with Slapstack Math comes when you change the single number cards to math flash cards. You may choose one of the following game variations:
  • Addition – displays addition problems with sums from 2-12.
  • Subtraction – subtraction problems with differences from 1-11.
  • Multiplication – multiplication problems with products from 1-12.
  • Division – division problems, using numbers up to 24, with quotients from 1-12.
  • Addition and Subtraction – a mixture of problems from these two operations.
  • Multiplication and Division – a mixture of problems from these two operations.
  • All Four Operations – a mixture of problems from all of the operations.
When playing the games using math operations, players have to calculate the answer to the problem before doing any required action. For example, if the problem is 7 + 4, players must come up with the answer, 11, and then slap the table (which is the required action for 11’s). If several numbers have actions assigned to them, players will have to do a lot of calculation, mental association, and even physical movement to play the game! 


  • Supports math learning objectives.
  • All game features are fully self-voicing.
  • Fully compatible with VoiceOver.
  • High-contrast colors and large print numbers.
  • Change the speed of play for different situations.
Slapstack Math provides an enjoyable and motivating practice tool for basic math operations, a recreational app for fun, or a reward after classwork. 
Recommended ages: 7 and up.

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Slapstick Math

Posted by Denise Rutledge

The game doesn't seem to be working correctly. I'm using 3 fingers to drag the stack of cards towards my colored pile as described in the tutorial video, but nothing is happening? Any other hints/gestures/ways to get the pile to transfer?