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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Spotlight Text App for Individuals with Low Vision

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Spotlight Text is designed to make e-books accessible to individuals with low vision.  Spotlight is uniquely designed for use with books downloaded from Bookshare’s library and the app is a free download on iTunes. Features include:
  • Access Bookshare's 250,000+ collection of books (including best sellers and new releases).
  • Designed for maximum legibility
  • Multiple reading modes including one designed specifically for individuals with RP Constricted Field
  • Autoplay mode with customizable speeds
  • Increase or decrease font size to your desire
  • Simple and easy to navigate user interface
  • Unlimited Screen Size with Apple TV or Direct HDMI Contact


This short video shows a demonstration of how Spotlight works.


The news clip below shows two boys with low vision using Spotlight.  Low Vision Children Discover World of Books Through New Technology 



Low vision is not an eye

Posted by D

Low vision is not an eye condition. It is a symptom of an eye condition.

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