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Charlotte Cushman

Charlotte Cushman

I am the manager of the Paths to Literacy website and love sharing ideas about all aspects of literacy for learners with visual impairments, deafblindness or multiple disabilities.

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Call for Papers for ICEB General Assembly Event 10/17/2015
Braille Note Taker Curriculum Technology 10/14/2015
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What is the Expanded Core Curriculum? Resources 09/20/2015
Including ALL Students in Transition from Paper Classroom to Digital Classroom Technology 09/18/2015
Q & A re Inclusion of English Learners with Disabilities in English Language Proficiency Assessments Resources 09/13/2015
Video Trainings from Iowa on Abacus Resources 09/08/2015
International Literacy Day 2015 News 09/08/2015
Web Accessibility Training Day Event 09/08/2015
Results of WebAIM Screen Reader Survey #6 Research 09/07/2015
Pearson is looking for Teachers of the Visually Impaired to participate in a study! News 09/07/2015
The Rules of Unified English Braille Resources 09/03/2015
List of JAWS Keystrokes Resources 08/30/2015
Create an Adapted Book: The Shape Surprise Strategies 08/28/2015
Texas UEB Transition Plan Resources 08/27/2015
Using Bookshare and Voice Dream Reader to Make Reading Accessible Technology 08/18/2015
Multi-Step Object Calendar System Resources 08/14/2015
Unified English Braille: Australian Training Manual Resources 08/10/2015
Overview of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader Event 08/08/2015
Seedlings Offers Books in UEB News 08/06/2015
Where can I find braille books for adults? Dear Paths Post 07/22/2015
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Pearson UX Team Conducting Survey of TVIs News 07/18/2015
Free print/braille books available for children under the age of 6! Resources 07/06/2015
Video Demonstration of Editing Using Bluetooth Keyboard Technology 07/05/2015
BANA Announces Updates to Nemeth Code News 06/23/2015
All About That Braille Resources 06/11/2015
Smart Glove Helps with Grocery Shopping News 06/09/2015
Brushing Teeth: Tactile Book Strategies 06/08/2015
3D Printing Makes Ultrasound Accessible to Mother Who is Blind News 06/07/2015
Supporting Students with Low Vision Using Apple Technology Technology 06/07/2015
Dr. Bill Telephone Education Series Resources 05/30/2015
Youth Share Their Experiences in a Research Study on Braille and Tactile Graphics Research 05/29/2015
Braille Spelling Dictionary for Beginning Writers Resources 05/27/2015
Webinar: Student-Centered AAC Design and Intervention Event 05/13/2015
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Video of Whole Word Braille Contractions Resources 05/09/2015
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