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Calling all Writers! And Poets… and Novelists, and Playwrights, and Photographers, and More

Calling all Writers! And Poets… and Novelists, and Playwrights, and Photographers, and More
cover of play music book

Power Point Template for Creating Books

The power point template can be used to create books for students with multiple disabilities.
Braille Code Collection Boxes

Braille Code Collection Boxes

Motivate children to learn letters or contractions of the braille code by collecting things in boxes or containers.
Early tactile pattern game

Tactile Pattern Game

Ideas for creating a tactile matching or pattern game using a scarf hanger from IKEA
Easy - Easier Posting Box

Easy-Easier Posting Box

A tool promote self-esteem and self-determination, by encouraging learners to identify tasks that they would like to find easier.
Screenshot of letters for handwriting

LetterSchool Lite

Free iPad application for teaching handwriting to young children.
Mother's Day Card with photo of Kara and her mother

Kara’s turning point in learning Braille

QWERTY keyboard

Join the Touch Typing Club!

This website is for students with visual impairments who want to be fast touch typists and use a computer without using a mouse.
Girl uses braille writer

Braille Creative Writing Contest

Announcement of creative writing contest in braille
Photo of Laura Calder

Webinar: Introducing the Perkins SMART Brailler

Video introduction to the SMART Brailler
Photo of Swail Dot Inverter

Swail Dot Inverter

Introduce braille students to a stylus using this tool.
Photo of Linda Hagood

Writing: The Forgotten Focus for Literacy and Communication Instruction

Webcast of SLP Linda Hagood discusses the importance and challenges of teaching writing skills to students who are blind or deafblind, including those with additional disabilities.
Logo for BlackBoard from Simply Sensational

Tactile Access to Images through Sensational BlackBoard

Create your own tactile pictures in an instant with Sensational BlackBoard!
Icon from Duxbury Braille TrueType Fonts download

Freeware from Duxbury Systems

Free products available from Duxbury Systems software for braille
8_flip eye gaze from Musselwhite

Augmentative/Alternative Communication Intervention

This website from Dr. Carolyn Musselwhite is about ACC and has a variety of useful information.
Photo from YouTube video of brailler repair many years ago

Introduction to the Repair of the Perkins Brailler (video)

Video tutorials on the maintenance and repair of Perkins braillewriters.