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Edith West

While working as a Braille Transcriber for El Dorado COE, I enjoy teaching and creating Braille, producing quality enlarged work for the visually impaired students, and especially, seeing the light go on as children and youth learn concepts.

12 Days of Literacy for the Holidays

Ideas to incorporate literacy into Christmas and Hanukkah, including braille activities and other hands-on fun for children who are blind, deafblind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities

Snowman Braille Design

This tactile graphic of a snowman can be created following our step-by-step directions or by downloading and embossing the .brf file.

Spring, Eggs, and Easter Ideas and Activities

There are some great resources shared on Paths to Literacy and we highlighted just a few to help you with your lesson planning and goals during this springtime. We have egg hunt ideas for our students with visual impairments and Easter crafts.

Apple Braille Design

Make your own braille drawing of an apple following these step-by-step instructions.