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15 Most Popular Posts of 2015

We are so grateful to all of you in our online Community of Practice for sharing your ideas and support throughout the year!  While the latest blog post is emailed to you each week, there are many other posts throughout the week that you may have missed.  We wanted to share some of the most popular ones to ring out the old year and ring in the new! 

Please remember that people who share ideas here are just like you:  teachers, parents, speech therapists, paraprofessionals, students, OTs and others interested in the development of literacy for children and youth with visual impairments.  We welcome your ideas and would be delighted to have you contribute your activities and resources in 2016. 

tactile poster of sunflowers

Tactile Poster
Liz Eagan, TVI, shares an idea to create posters that are interesting and engaging for learners who are blind or visually impaired to explore.  They may relate to something in the school or classroom, be a tactile representation of a visual poster that other students are using or be something the student is interested in learning more about.



matching bucket


Model of Literacy Lesson: Practicing Blending for Reading
Gwyn McCormack, Founder of Positive Eye in the United Kingdom shares a literacy activity to make practice blending sounds accessible to students who use braille.



book buddy


Story Bags:  Guided Reading in an Inclusive Setting
Parent Sandy Kenrick shares tips for adapting guided reading books for braille readers in an inclusive setting.




kids playing in gym



Integrating Emergent Literacy into Adaptive PE
In this post by Emily Russell a speech-language pathologist teams up with an adapted physical education teacher to help students with multiple disabilities to better understand the concepts discussed in the book The Mitten.


tactile matching game

Tactile Matching Game
Specialist Teaching Assistant Gillian Estcourt created this game for children with visual impairments to work on tactile discrimination skills.




pirate ship braille design

Braille Designs: Ships!
Edith West has created numerous braille designs, including special themes for holidays, as well as some that can be used any day.


reading a book

Shared Reading Activity
Parent Hillary Kleck, founder of Sensory Sun, has adapted a shared reading activity for braille readers.




Two geometric shapes outlines in red on a black backgroundAdapting Classroom Materials for a Student Rating 7 on CVI Scale
TVI Tracy Fitch created this math activity for students with Cortical Visual Impairment to match geometric shapes with the corresponding numeral, using the student's preferred color.



Smoothies:  A Classroom Lesson and Community-Based Experience
Diane Shifflett, TVI/COMS at Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind, incorporates literacy, math, problem-solving, community experience, Orientation and Mobility, and other parts of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) into a series of lessons that culminate in a healthy eating experience.




Oreo reading books with braille and tactile illustrations“Can We Do Oreo Reading Now?” #1 Key Word Books
TVI Gillian Pilcher shares examples of two braille books that she and her student created about motivating topics, similar to Diane Wormsley's I-M-Able approach to functional literacy.


pages of tactile books with single letter contractionsCreating Tactile Books to Teach Single Letter Contractions
TVI K.C. Wilson made this tactile book to teach single letter contraction b for "but".





Two boys playing a math gameKnow & Show Your Numbers - A Braille/Print Math Activity for K-2 Learners
The goal of this activity by TVI Jennie Oulton is to give both braille and print students a chance to practice showing different ways to represent a number.


Tactile tic-tac-toeUEB Lesson 1: Eliminated EBAE Part Word Contractions No Longer Used in UEB
This post is the first in a series of lessons by TVIs Catherine Summ and Suzanne Cappiello on teaching students who are braille readers to make the transition to UEB (Unified English Braille).


Word family spinnersWord Family Spinners
This activity by TVI-in-training, Katherine Flick, is designed to help students to recognize patterns among words, which will increase the student’s word recognition accuracy and support fluent reading.




Red mobile above wheelchair for student with CVIMobile for Students with CVI
Paraprofessional Rachel Herrin created this mobile for a student with Cortical Visual Impairment to work on pre-literacy skills, such as exploration, visual tracking, and hand-eye coordination.





We hope that you enjoy these ideas and that you will be inspired to share some of your own!




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I can see why these 15-in-2015 were so popular!

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Laurie Hudson commented on January 23, 2016

Thanks for this Top-15-in-2015 list, Charlotte.  I had missed some of these posts, so I went back and read each one.  I can see why they were so popular!