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for students who are blind or visually impaired

3D-Printed Braille Playdoh Stampers

Braille playdoh stamper

Use a 3D printer to create your own braille playdoh hand-held stampers. Amanda Crayton created files that are free to download the from Thingiverse to make each letter of the English alphabet a-z in braille.

The top of each stamper has the raised dots of each braille letter and the bottom of the stamper has holes to produce a raised dot braille letter on the dough.

Side view of braille stamper

Stampers have a bulky top holder for easy grasp by children; users can also slide fingers between top holder and bottom stamp for use. The top of the stamp also features an orientation indicator (small indent). Ms. Crayton, a former special education teacher and intervener, plans to design and upload contractions separately over time.  Check out her creations on Instagram!


Collage of 3D-printed braille playdoh stampers

Posted on September 15, 2021
Updated on: September 16, 2021