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Recommended Resources for Vision Professionals

Are you a teacher of students with visual impairments thinking about what belongs in your "toolbox" for the new school year?  Or perhaps you're a parent wondering what materials to use during the summer holidays with your child who is blind or visually impaired.  We have compiled some of our favourite resources to use with those with visual impairments. Whether you're a veteran looking for new ideas or you're just getting started, we hope that you'll find something here to try!

Editor's note:  The suppliers listed below are located in the UK, but most of these items are available through sources in the United States and other parts of the world as well.


Name of resource

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Sample Activities

Buzzers Buzzers Guess the Message!
Talking Pegs Recordable pegs Creative Literacy and Numeracy Ideas on the Theme of Frozen
Voice Recorder Labeller Voice labeler Cross curricular theme to literacy and numeracy - The Supermarket

Lazy Susan


Lazy Susan Lazy Susan Braille Development Activity
Bucket apron Bucket apron Fireman Sam Story Bucket
Plastic bucket Literacy and Numeracy Ideas with Buckets
Angled writing aid Angled writing aid Handwriting Tips for Students with Visual Impairments
Portable communication board (sloped black board) Portable communication board For general use as a communication board
Gripping Stuff Memo Board Memo board

General usage; see also Notice Board Roll

Black berol fine line pen Berol fine tip pen For students with low vision (note that preferred thickness of pens will vary according to individuals)
Ringbinder rings metal rings To create tactile books and other materials
Wikki Stix Wikki Stix 10 Uses for Wikki Stix to Support Curriculum Access
Self adhesive gems (raised dots) Self-adhesive gems Many uses for tactile learners!


To get more ideas on how to use these materials and equipment, click to see posts by Gwyn McCormack from Positive Eye.

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Re materials to use in the summer

Posted by Lina Graham

Posted on May 30, 2016
Updated on: February 20, 2018

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Lina Graham commented on June 1, 2016
A tip for UK parents:
The pound shops have so many fun things, e.g diamanté stickers, etc.   Have a look before ordering on websites. 
Lina Graham 
London UK