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Top Ten Ideas in 2014 to Promote Literacy with Children with Visual Impairments

The end of the year is always a time to look back on highlights of the year and this year we thought it would be fun to share our "Top Ten" list too!   Our top posts for 2014 cover a range of tips and ideas for promoting literacy skills among children who are blind or visually impaired.  Included are activities for young braille readers, children who are deafblind, and tips for working with students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities contributed by teachers of students with visual impairments (TVIs), parents, COMS (Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist), OT (Occupational Therapist), Speech Language Pathologist, and more. Topics include technology, Orientation and Mobility, communication, cross-curricular strategies that incorporate many areas into a single activity, and more!

collage of literacy skills kits

1.  Creating Literacy Skills Kits to Target the Expanded Core Curriculum

TVIs Lisa Pruner and Catherine Summ have created a series of kits using children’s books, props, reading comprehension questions, and follow-up activities designed to target specific Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) skills for young children with visual impairments.

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2.  Write Your Own Braille Book

Cover of homemade braille book

TVI Liz Eagan shares an activity for a Kindergarten student using the Building on Patterns series from APH (American Printing House for the Blind).

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Collage of conversation box



3.  Conversation Boxes for Children Who Are Deafblind

Blogger Liamsmom, the mother of a 5-year-old boy who is deafblind, shares an idea to create a "conversation box" about making toast.

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4.  Ten Uses of Wikki Stix to Support Curriculum Access

Collage of wikki stix

Blogger Gwyn McCormack from UK-based Positive Eye shares creative ideas for using Wikki Stix to make the curriculum more accessible to learners with visual impairments.

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O & M routes journals collage

5.  Orientation and Mobility "Routes" Journals

TVI and COMS Laurie Hudson explores some of the ways in which literacy and O & M support each other.  In this post she offers tips on teaching students with visual impairments to create journals to keep track of their routes.

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6. Braille Label Crayon Board

Collage for braille label

TVI Stacy shares an idea for creating braille labels for crayons.

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Interactive pre-braille book for letter "s"7.  Letter "S" Interactive Pre-Braille Book

Blogger Diane Brauner shares ideas and activities for introducing young children to the braille letter "s" in this Circle Time Braille Kit.  Includes The Itsy Bitsy Spider book and activities for emerging readers, such as recognition of shapes and patterns.

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8.  Question Cards

collage of question cards

Teacher Kristin Quinn shared an activity for helping students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and visual impairments to develop critical thinking skills using question cards.

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Collage of Bubble Wrap painting9.  Bubble Wrap Painting

OT Monique Desany shares an activity for students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities to practice handwriting.

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10.  The Shape Book

collage of the shape bookSpecial Education teacher Elizabeth Quinn shares a shape book she created to promote braille literacy among young readers.

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collage of top 10 ideas to promote literacy


Posted on December 30, 2014
Updated on: February 7, 2018