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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Braille Strategies

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Below are strategies posts related to Braille.

Student using telescope in store.

Mia's Mix: An Integrated Approach to the ECC

Ideas to incorporate the ECC, literacy, and numeracy into an integrated series of lessons for students with visual impairments
closeup of game instruction sheet being read in braille

Adapt Roll a Character Games

Find out how to adapt a "Roll a Character" game using braille and tactile elements! Promote braille literacy and numeracy through this fun game.
a cardboard book with toy bowling pins and a bowling ball on the cover

Bowling Experience Book

Learn how to create a tactile experience book for children who are blind, deafblind, or who have multiple disabilities.
A young braille student uses the PenFriend

Using PenFriend to Make (Formerly) Boring Flash Cards More Fun

Using a PenFriend provides auditory reinforcement to beginning braille readers to promote braille literacy.
Apple shortform game

Apple A Shortform Braille File Folder Game

Learn and practice your "a" braille shortforms with this fun folder game.
Close up of Plant Life Cycle worksheet

Adapting Plant Life Cycle Worksheet

Example of how to adapt a worksheet for pupils with vision loss showing a science worksheet of a plant life cycle
a bee on a yellow flower

Adapting Pollination Process Worksheet

Tips to modify worksheets for students who are blind or partially sighted
Original Water World worksheet

Adapting Water World Worksheet

Guidelines on adapting worksheets for pupils with vision loss
Guitar braille

Guitar Braille: Letters - A, B, C, D, E, and G

This file folder game can be used with students who are learning the braille letters A, B, C, D, E, and G.
Sentence order strip

Braille Sentence Order

Interactive practice for beginning braille students with the elements of a sentence, including capitalization and punctuation
Dot 5 Composite signs

Dot 5 Composite Signs, Their, These and This

Braille lessons to practice reading and writing Dot 5 Composite Signs in UEB (Unified English Braille)
Music file folder game

Musical Note File Folder Game for Dual Media Learners

Teach dual media students who have low vision and are learning braille to identify braille letters through this file folder game!
Child placing an activity block on to the desk calendar

Desk Calendars for Braille Users

Setting up a desk calendar in braille promotes braille literacy for children who are blind or deafblind or visually impaired.
Polar bear page adapted with braille and tactile card

Adapting Polar Bear Book for Children with Visual Impairments

Tips to adapt books for children with visual impairments
An index card box to hold word cards

Memorization Fun: A Sentence-Building Activity

Activity to promote braille literacy through memorizing vocabulary and building sentences
Tactile jack-o-lantern

Candy Corn: Creating a tactile book for Halloween

This tactile book about Halloween was created by a parent.
Tactile image of pig

Adapting Three Little Pigs for a Learner Who Is Deafblind

Modification of the Three Little Pigs story for students who are deafblind include tactile symbols, braille, and print.
The box cover for The Game of Things

Adapting The Game of Things for a Braille Student

Adapting The Game of Things as a braille writing activity adds motivation and fun!
Orchestra seating chart

Student Mentor Learning to Create Tactile Graphics

Dual media learners can create tactile graphics and serve as mentors to braille students
Matching braille letters on popsicle sticks

Adaptations for Adult Friend Who Is Deafblind

Homemade braille projects for an adult who is deafblind