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Below are Dual Media posts related to research.

A girl works on a braille worksheet while her teacher looks on.

Teaching Early Braille Literacy Skills within a Stimulus Equivalence Paradigm to Children with Degenerative Visual Impairments

Research study evaluating an instructive procedure for teaching early braille-reading skills with 4 school-aged children with degenerative visual impairments
A girl with glasses reads a braille book.

Coping Strategies in Reading: Multi-readers in the Norwegian General Education System

Six primary school–aged braille students were taught to name 4 to 10 braille letters as phonemes and another 4 to 10 braille letters as graphemes
Boy with glasses writes on a Braille Note.

Learning and Using Print and Braille: A Study of Dual-Media Learners

Research study on dual media learners (i.e. children who were learning or using print and braille simultaneously)
Boy with glasses writes on a Braille Note.

Research Study: Early Braille Education Vital

Research on the importance of early instruction for braille users