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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Dual Media Strategies

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Below are strategies posts related to Dual Media.

French Fries Braille

French Fries Braille Game

File Folder game to teach students with low vision or dual media learners braille dot numbers for alphabet letters
Apple shortform game

Apple A Shortform Braille File Folder Game

Learn and practice your "a" braille shortforms with this fun folder game.
Guitar braille

Guitar Braille: Letters - A, B, C, D, E, and G

This file folder game can be used with students who are learning the braille letters A, B, C, D, E, and G.
Music file folder game

Musical Note File Folder Game for Dual Media Learners

Teach dual media students who have low vision and are learning braille to identify braille letters through this file folder game!
Tactile jack-o-lantern

Candy Corn: Creating a tactile book for Halloween

This tactile book about Halloween was created by a parent.
Orchestra seating chart

Student Mentor Learning to Create Tactile Graphics

Dual media learners can create tactile graphics and serve as mentors to braille students
Contractions collage

Contracted Braille Reading and Writing Activities

Lessons to provide braille students with practice with single-cell whole-word contractions
Braille baseball game

Braille Baseball for Dual Media Learners

Dual media learners can match print alphabet letters to dot numbers and braille letters in this baseball-themed game.
Teacher appreciation

Operation Teacher (and Nurse!) Appreciation

Showing appreciation for teachers and nurses is a great way to incorporate braille literacy and the Expanded Core Curriculum, while also building support among team members.
paper in Perkins brailler, scribbled braille interlined with large print words which reads, once upon a time there was a castle. One day a monster came

Braille is Reading and Writing: Language Experience

Example of braille writing lesson using language experience for young dual media learner who is also ESL or ELL (English Language Learner)
Student drawing a thank you note

Writing a Thank You Letter

Teaching students to write thank-you notes gives them a chance to practice braille or print skills, as well as developing social skills.
Brailled Shamrock reading "I'm lucky for Papi Pablo"

I am Lucky! St. Patrick's Day Craft

Hands-on St. Patrick's Day activity for braille students who are blind or who have low vision.
Advice for braille readers

Advice for Braille Readers

Advice from a dual media student to others learning braille
girl writing on lined paper

Letting the Student Lead

Letting students who are dual media or braille learners take the lead in a lesson or project often helps them to be more motivated, while also making it more meaningful.
girl holding police letter

Teaching Students with Visual Impairments About the Role of Police

Activities for students with visual impairments to learn about the role of the police
letter matching books

Braille Letter Matching Books

Braille Letter Matching Books are a great way to review braille symbols and older students can review symbols while helping to create these books!
braille contraction collage

Braille Contraction Explanation

Tips for helping braille readers remember contractions
question cards reading 'why?' 'identify' and 'minerals'

Question Cards

This activity is designed to help students who are autistic, including those with visual impairments or multiple disabilities, to develop their critical thinking skills.
Braille Only Alphabet Stickers

Modifying And Labeling Items For The Blind And Visually Impaired

Braille Only Alphabet Stickers are a quick and easy way to label items in braille!
Workstation with materials in boxes marked with the object, print and braille

Adapting the Environment for Independence

Find how you can set up your classroom to make it accessible to ALL students!