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Earn Credits and Take a Deeper Dive into Paths to Literacy

Find out how to earn continuing education credits and explore the rich resources on the Paths to Literacy website, which explores all aspects of literacy for children who are blind or visually impaired, including multiple disabilities or deafblindness

Paths to Literacy is an active community of practice, which means that teachers, families, and others are invited to share their voices, ideas, and questions!  Many of you receive this weekly blog delivered via email, but you may not have taken the time to visit the website itself.   This week we want to let you know a bit more about what you can expect to find on the site, and invite you to explore and share!


Teachers, parents, OTs, SLPs and others share activities on Paths to Literacy on a regular basis.  These cover a wide range of ideas, from early childhood to braille, including suggestions for students with multiple disabilities or deafblindness. Recent posts include:

10 by 10 array board for multiplication

Tactile poster









Interactive Halloween Bulletin Board

Tactile Apple Book for Students Who Are Deafblind










Sensory Rainstick for Students with Multiple Disabilities


Note in braille saying










There are LOTS more ideas for you to explore, so have a look at what ideas others have been sharing!

And did you know that you could earn two continuing education credits for the submission of an activity or strategy?  We value your ideas and know that it takes time to post them.  Click here to learn more about earning credits.



UEB Quick Reference Sheet


In the resource section we share information that we think might be helpful to you, including information on UEB, new websites, where to get free braille books and more!

Recent posts include:

Data Tracking Tools for IEP Goals

Free Audio Description Tool

CVI Strategies for Pre-Readers

UEB Quick Reference “Cheat Sheet”



4 Tips for Making Computers and iPads Switch-AccessibleIn the technology section we share information about new apps and different types of assistive technology devices.

Recent posts include:

Tips for Making Computers and iPads Switch-Accessible

Tips for Technology Needs of Academic Braille-User

Assistive Technology Assessment





In the research section we share publically-available information about current research.

Recent posts include:

Tactile Picture Books Project

Young Children and Tactile Images


Background Information on Literacy Topics

earn credits

Did you know that we have lots of basic information on everything from emergent literacy to dual media?  Braille to English Language Learners?  Multiple Disabilities and Deafblindness to Auditory Strategies?  Writing to Struggling Readers? These pages can be emailed to parents, general education teachers, paraprofessionals, or printed, shared on social media.



Find out about current events, including opportunities to participate in research studies in the news section.



The Events Section features a calendar of upcoming trainings, workshops and conferences.  Let us know about your literacy-related event and we’d love to post it here!


Dear Paths

This section is for asking questions.  We welcome questions and we also welcome responses from any of you.  Recent questions have been about beginning braille books, CVI, and technology for a college-bound braille student.


Subscribe to Different Sections of the Site

Did you know that you can sign up to receive an automatic email notification every time there is a new post on the site?  You can specific if you only want to receive posts related to a particular topic, such as braille or multiple disabilities, or you can receive notice of all new posts.  Go to your profile page to change the settings in the “Subscriptons” tab.


Join the Conversation!

voting widgetPlease share your comments on posts. Let us know if you tried the idea and it worked.  Did you make a modification to the activity that you think might help others?  Did you find that a new app wasn’t that great after all?  Let us know!

We also encourage you to use the voting widget to let us know which posts you like.  This a great boost for people who take the time to share, knowing that their idea has been helpful to someone else!



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Thank you for being part of our online community!  We hope you’ll help us to spread the word.  We are proud to be a collaborative project of Perkins School for the Blind and Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.


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