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ECC Club Subscription Boxes

These Expanded Core Curriculum subscription boxes are available in braille, large print, or sensorimotor.

rows of boxes with papers, hearts, and a CD insideSubscription boxes are a fun way to get new products, crafts books, clothing, or projects delivered to your doorstep each month. Over the past year, I’ve watched my two daughters anticipate their mail and unwrap it with delight.  The projects have given us an opportunity learn, explore, and bond together in fun new ways.  

As a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments, I was disappointed to learn that these types of boxes aren’t available for children who read braille or large print…so I decided to make it happen myself.  I am passionate about hands-on learning experiences and opportunities for literacy exposure.  I know families yearn for meaningful activities, accessible crafts, and books to add to their family library.  

The E.C.C. Club Subscription box is now available, and each box will include a book, craft, and activity in a choice of braille or large print. The box also focuses on one Expanded Core Curriculum area each month so families and teachers can explore these skills in fun and meaningful ways.  The book features two characters who have a visual impairment.

Braille book for Valentine's Day

Valentine craft project

Valentine-themed activity

There is a Sensorimotor option for children with visual and multiple impairments and includes objects to correlate with the book each month & a written routine for the learning partner.

Purchase Details

The boxes are available through Etsy for $35 for one month, or $30 per month for 3 or 6 month subscriptions.  Shipping is free.

Boxes will ship the first of each month and items in each month’s box varies.  The deadline to receive the next month’s box is the 20th of each month. 

My hope is that teachers and families will find joy, learning, and camaraderie through these boxes each month.  

Learn more.

Collage of ECC Club Subscription Boxes

Liam using the low tech restaurant book

Communication Tools in the Community for Students who are Deafblind

textured craft of eclipse with a sun and a moon that can cover the sun

The Incredible Edible Eclipse


Ideas for Teaching Tracking and other Tactile Skills