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for students who are blind or visually impaired

1st Deafblind International Webinar Series

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DbI Webinars offer new opportunities for participation around the world. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, webinars are THE opportunity to share knowledge, learn from each other and (re-)connect. The 1st DbI webinar series will be held on Zoom from 22-26 June 2020 around the theme Living with Deafblindness in a New Reality.

  • How can we explain to people with deafblindness what is happening?
  • What are our existing tools and insights that can influence our next steps?
  • How can we deal with social distancing when we need to communicate tactually?
  • How can we use online tools for assessment, intervention and staff training?
  • What topics do we need to reflect on to prepare for the future?
  • What does this crisis mean to us as a community?


Each webinar will consist of 1-hour presentations that have the goal of increasing our understanding of living with deafblindness. Presentations will be held around the clock in order to accommodate global time zones.

Monday June 22, 2020        All Times Listed in Eastern Daylight Time (Canada)

6am  Getting connected: Accessible technology only the first step to Inclusive remote meeting for people with deafblindness

7 am  Establishing contact-less communication for Deafblind

8am  Untouchable, new outside world

9am Citizen Engagement in Deafblindness Research: Possibilities in Changing Realities

10am Making Online Communication Accessible for the Deafblind Community


Tuesday June 23, 2020

6am Deafblind Service Providers in Australia during COVID-19

7am COVID-19 Impact on Persons with Deafblindness in India

8am How Speech and Language Therapy input changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to support those who are

9am The (new) role of an intervenor during COVID-19

10am Rise, Collaborate, Enrich

11am The New Reality of Living a Pandemic Life


Wednesday June 24, 2020

6am A time of change

7am Adapting our Services during a Global Pandemic

8am The Sense GOT Group Virtual Activities Programme

9am Organization and Intervenor Resiliency through the COVID-19 Pandemic

10am Creating Home-Based Routines: A Framework for Supporting Families and Caregivers of Children who are Deafblind During


Thursday June 25, 2020

6am Research in times of Corona

7am Online support for parents of children with congenital deafblindness

8am Norway in a nutshell: providing services during the pandemic

9am Where do we go from here? Essential Service and the impact on the Deafblind community

10am Deafblindness in times of pandemic: reflecting on experiences


Friday June 26, 2020

6am Everyday life and access to information in the COVID-19 pandemic, stories from adults with deafblindness living in

7am Analysis of some recommendations to prevent and treat respiratory tract infections in people with

8am Distantly Connected While Physically Distant

9am Understanding hearing impaired, deaf and deafblind people and their confrontation with social detachment

10am Fostering a diverse and inclusive world: no one left behind


Event Date: 

Jun 22, 2020 to Jun 26, 2020