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for students who are blind or visually impaired

AZ AER Live Webinar: AFTER THE CLVE: What Do We Do Now?

Dorinda Rife, Low Vision Specialist, Arizona Schools for the Deaf and Blind, will present a one-hour webinar on what to do after the Clinical Low Vision Evaluation.  Sponsored by Arizona AER.

Flyer for CLVE webinar

Date: September 2, 2020
Time: 3:30-4:30 Arizona time (starting at 3:30 Pacific/4:30 Mountain/5:30 Central/6:30 Eastern/12:30 Hawaii/2:30 Alaska)
Cost: $20
CEU: 1 hour professional development credit, ACVREP-certified 

Clinical Low Vision Evaluations are an important part of the education process for students with low vision. Ideally, the evaluation is a collaborative process involving the student, family, and teacher of students with visual impairments and/or orientation and mobility specialist. What then is the role of the teacher after the CLVE? This webinar reviews the basic tests performed in a typical CLVE and follow-up responsibilities for the TSVI and/or COMS, including working with the student’s family.


  1. List and describe the components of a CLVE and their purpose.
  2. Understand how to prepare for a CLVE.
  3. Name near and distance devices typically prescribed during a CLVE.
  4. Describe what training might be needed with the student after the CLVE.

Dorinda Rife is an educator whose journeys have included classroom and itinerant teaching across four states and hundreds of educational settings. She carries certificates as a COMS and CLVT, and she has served in a number of leadership positions including principal and superintendent in multi-faceted schools applying a variety of service delivery models. She gets the biggest kick out of jumping into and figuring out systems that are new to her and learning from those she serves. Today Dorinda serves as statewide Low Vision Specialist for ASDB. She works on a variety of passion projects through Dorinda Rife Consulting, including public speaking gigs throughout the year. Dorinda publishes a weekly blog on Leadership Stones (


Event Date: 

Sep 02, 2020