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Braillenote Touch Troubleshooting

Sponsored by Maryland School for the Blind, Cody LaPlante, from eye.t Assistive Technology for Vision Professionals, will present a free one-hour webinar called Braillenote Touch Troubleshooting on February 18, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern.

As a device with its own specialized operating system, learning the Braillenote Touch can be a bit of an overwhelming task. And when you are in class and everything seems to be going wrong, what steps can we take to make sure we get back on the right page? In this session we will focus on troubleshooting using the Braillenote Touch. After reviewing some general and specific troubleshooting guidelines, we will play some troubleshooting games where participants will have to work with the presenter to troubleshoot the “problem” so that the next time, things feel like they are falling apart, there will be some tools in that “troubleshooting toolbox”. 

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Event Date: 

Feb 18, 2021