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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Getting in Touch with Literacy 2021

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The 2021 Getting in Touch with Literacy (GITWL) conference will be held at the Tradewinds Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida Dec. 1-4.

About the Conference

Since 1993, this conference has been held every other year. It is not sponsored by any one group or organization but instead is embraced by professionals in a variety of organizations within one community. THIS WILL BE THE FINAL TIME THIS CONFERENCE WILL BE HELD, SO IF YOU'VE BEEN WANTING TO COME IN THE PAST, THIS IS THE YEAR TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Key Beliefs:

"It is important to focus on all areas of literacy including braille, print, combination of braille and print, use of assistive technology and other literacy tools, research, practice. The conference is not a "braille literacy conference" though some have tried to define it as such - it is a conference that includes underlying respect for all forms of literacy. It is the belief of conference organizers that individuals with visual impairments have a right to respect for the use of all literacy tools."
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Event Date: 

Dec 01, 2021 to Dec 04, 2021