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Picturing the World: Tactile Literacy for Learning and Creativity Webinar

The Maryland School for the Blind Presents: Picturing the World: Tactile Literacy for Learning and Creativity Webinar 

 February 22, 7 pm EST   

Join staff and volunteers at the New York Public Library's Dimensions lab to find out how tactile graphics can empower and engage learners who are blind. We'll talk about creating maps, diagrams and art using a tactile graphics embosser, and how blind and sighted people can work together to create meaningful, legible tactile images. We'll cover where to find tactile graphics and 3d models ready to go online, as well as tactile books, cards and maps for purchase . You'll also be invited to find common crafting and household supplies you already have at home and join us in a quick, creative DIY tactile drawing session.  

Presenters Chancey Fleet. Chancey Fleet is Assistive Technology Coordinator at the New York Public Library and co-founder of the Dimensions Lab, where Blind and sighted community members can freely create tactile graphics and 3d models. Chancey is a 2017 Library Journal Mover and Shaker, and serves as president of the National Federation of the Blind Assistive Technology Trainers' Division. 

Nefertiti Matos. Nefertiti Matos is an Assistive Technology Trainer at the New York Public Library. In this role, she provides one-to-one individual coaching and leads group workshops on a range of tech topics in both English and Spanish. Nefertiti serves on the working group for the Sensory Tools for Interpreting Historic Sites' project, a collaboration with the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum and NYU Ability Project.  

Lauren Race. Lauren Race is an accessibility designer and researcher at the NYU Ability Project and Twitter. Her research focuses on designing and evaluating accessible educational tools and removing barriers to information access.  

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Event Date: 

Feb 22, 2021