Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Form 2: Use of Sensory Channels


Form 2: Use of Sensory Channels (Appendix G)

This form uses an observational method to determine within specific tasks the primary and secondary sensory modalities preferred by the student - visual/tactile or auditory.

In the sample image below, you can see that you can circle V's, T's, or A's for each statement. (V=visual, T=tactile, A=auditory).

Tom Miller made a home-visit to a student who was getting ready for a transition. Using the learning media assessment forms, he observed the boy as he was engaged with his mom while eating lunch. As Tom went through the form, he noted the child's behavior and put a box around the primary modality the child was using (visually, in this particular example). He also circled the secondary modality for every category.

Tom Miller observed the student over the course of the meal. His form 2 resulted in mostly boxes with V's. When the child was observed performing a task that was a little more distant, his behavior still remained mostly visual. But to access that visual information, he always moved closer to the object. Every time Tom Miller held something a little bit further away, the child would move closer, or he'd grab Tom Miller to pull the object closer. In other observation periods, when there were more auditory components, this particular student did use his audition very well. However, he always used touch as a secondary way of learning, by feeling things and touching them as he approached them.

To summarize, this particular child was primarily using his vision. But he used his vision with objects that were very close to him. In this case, Tom Miller had to address other ways which can help the child to access learning. Form 2 gives you a way to look at how the child learns; their learning style approach. And, as always, LMA needs to be augmented by other types of assessment.

LMA Form 2:  Use of Sensory Channels

*Scaled-down sample versions of Appendix G (Blank Assessment Forms) can be viewed in this education module. To use these forms, please acquire by purchasing Learning Media Assessment: A Resource Guide for Teachers