Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Form 6: Continuing Assessment of Literacy Media

Form 6: Continuing Assessment of Literacy Media (Appendix G)

This form is designed to monitor student progress. It incorporates analysis of updated ophthalmologic, clinical low vision and functional vision evaluations; reading rate; academic achievement; handwriting; and literacy tools.

The process of the medical intervention and the process of assessing functional vision information do not stop when you make your initial determination of literacy media. When TVI's monitor and update this information, they need to look at it just as much as the educational outcomes information.

Form 6 also looks at assessing and making sure that the TVI assesses reading rate, whether in conjunction with the reading teacher, and/or on their own. The reading rate is a standard of a student's ability to keep up with their peers in terms of the reams of material that come through the classroom.

Additionally, Form 6 looks at academic achievement: is a student reaching the bar? Are they staying equal with their peers? If they are not, TVI's have to revisit the learning mediums and augment them if they are no longer appropriate.

LMA form 6
Form 6 : Assessment of Literacy Media (Appendix G: Blank Assessment Forms)

*Scaled-down sample versions of Appendix G (Blank Assessment Forms) can be viewed in this education module. To use these forms, please acquire by purchasing Learning Media Assessment: A Resource Guide for Teachers.

The materials in this section appeared on the e-advisor site, which was originally hosted by Boston Children's Hospital.  This material has now been moved to the website of Perkins School for the Blind.