Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Fun & Games with Your Child and Sighted Siblings and Peers

You can have fun practicing braille letters and contractions by combining them to make pictures. Click the links below for instructions:


Sailboat Teddy Bear

Here's a way for sighted siblings and peers to create their own braille using a braillewriter:  Click here for color chart. Click here to make your own color chart.

Books can be adapted in many ways for children who are braille readers. 

Want to add braille to playing cards? Click here

Fun Web Sites
Braille Bug 
This site teaches children about braille through a variety of interactive activities.  It is designed for elementary and middle school children.
Fun Stuff 
(Hadley School for the Blind)
This site provides sighted individual a fun, interactive way to be introduced to braille.