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Alternative Tactile Communication Program

Research study from Brazil on Alternative Tactile Communication for students with visual impairments
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Autistic-Like Features in Visually Impaired Children: A Review of Literature and Directions for Future Research

This article reviews the literature and discusses directions for future research on autistic-like features in children with visual impairment.
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Mediating Haptic Exploratory Strategies in Children Who Have Visual Impairment and Intellectual Disabilities

Research article on mediating haptic exploratory strategies in children who have visual impairment and intellectual disabilities
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Autism and Visual Impairment: A Review of the Literature

Literature review on the relationship between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Visual Impairment (ASDVI).
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iPad Research Promising for Children with Cortical Visual Impairment

This news release from the University of Kansas describes the strong appeal that iPads have for many children with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI).
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Constant Time Delay and Braille Word Recognition

Results of a research study on using constant time delay to teach braille word recognition with students with visual impairments and intellectual disabilities.
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Study Reveals That Children with Autism May Have Difficulties Matching Sight and Sound

New study on autism spectrum disorder examines the link between interpretation of sights and sounds
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Reading Comprehension of Deaf Children with Cochlear Implants

This research study compares the reading comprehension skills of deaf children with cochlear implants to deaf children without cochlear implants.

A Case Study of Tack Tiles Literacy Instruction for a Student with Multiple Disabilities Including Congenital Blindness

Research study on the use of tack-tiles to teach braille to a student who is blind with additional disabilities
Girl with glasses uses an adapted keyboard and computer

Toward Positive Literacy Outcomes for Students with Significant Developmental Disabilities

Study of literacy outcomes for students with significant multiple disabilities
Two boys look at a book of picture symbols together.

The NCDB Outcomes and Performance Indicators: Literacy

Literature review looking at emergent literacy and students with significant multiple disabilities or deafblindness
A teenage boy uses a Braille Note.

Instruction of Keyboarding Skills: A Whole Language Approach to Teaching Functional Literacy Skills to Students who are Blind and Have Additional Disabilities

This article describes an unconventional method to teach uncontracted braille reading and writing skills to students who are blind and have additional disabilities.
Two boys look at a book of picture symbols together.

A Survey on Literacy Instruction for Students with Multiple Disabilities

This survey looks at literacy instruction with students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.
Girl with braids reads braille page while her teacher looks on.

Increasing Comprehension of Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities and Visual Impairments during Shared Stories

Research study on listening comprehension during shared stories for two students with significant intellectual disabilities and visual impairments