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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Multiple Disabilities Resources

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Below are posts related to resources with Multiple Disabilities.

Reading braille book on porch

The Legend of Holly and Zelda: From Object Activities to Contracted Braille

This documentary video tells the story of a girl who is blind with behavioral challenges who masters the braille code, by moving from object and auditory activities to contracted braille.
Cover of Learning Through Touch

Learning through Touch: Supporting Learners with Multiple Disabilities and Vision Impairment through a Bioecological Systems Perspective

Learning through Touch: Supporting Learners with Multiple Disabilities and Vision Impairment through a Bioecological Systems Perspective is designed for practitioners working with learners with multiple disabilities and vision impairment.
INSITE cover

INSITE Model for Young Children with Visual Impairments and Multiple Disabilities

Project INSITE is designed to meet the needs of young children with vision impairments and multiple disabilities (including hearing loss) and their families.
eLearning to go logo from Perkins School for the Blind

Podcasts from Perkins

Perkins eLearning has launched a series of podcasts, which are now available free online. Topics include CVI, Active Learning and parenting a child with multiple disabilities.
Screenshot of Infused Skills

ECC Infused Skills Assessment: Google Forms

These Google forms can be used to assess students with multiple disabilities in collaboration with the full team.
Slide of CVI and AAC

AAC for Students with CVI: Webinar

Dr. Christine Roman and Dr. Sarah Blackstone, SLP present a webinar on the use of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for students with cortical visual impairment (CVI) and CCN (Complex Communication Needs).
Treasure Stop logo

Treasure Stop from WPSBC

Treasure Stop shares ideas to adapt materials, games, books and more to encourage skill development in children with visual impairments.
Victorian Deaf Ed logo

Understanding Learning Challenges for Children and Young People with Multi- Sensory Impairments

Recording of multi-sensory impairment seminar held in Melbourne, Australia, May 28, 2018, focusing on CHARGE Syndrome, with presentations by Prof. Tim Hartshorne, Prof. Nancy Hartshorne & David Brown
Screenshot of goal bank

O & M Goal Bank with Data Sheets

The O & M Goal Bank with Data Sheets is designed to be a resource for Orientation and Mobility instructors to create appropriate goals for students, including those with multiple disabilities.
Informal Functional Hearing Evaluation (IFHE)

Informal Functional Hearing Evaluation (IFHE)

Overview of the Informal Functional Hearing Evaluation (IFHE), which is designed to help determine the impact of a potential hearing loss
Gwyn presenting

Multi-Sensory Approach to Literacy: Video Presentation

This series of video clips presents the importance of a multi-sensory approach to literacy for children who are blind or with multiple disabilities.
AAC Device

The Impact of CVI on the Use of AAC

AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) often relies on vision and thus can pose problems for children with CVI (cortical visual impairment)
Slant board with textured items attached to Velcro surface

Functional Literacy Self-Paced Tutorial

Online self-paced tutorial on functional literacy for students with visual impairments and additional disabilities
Cover of Curriculum for multi-sensory-impaired children

A Curriculum for Multi-Sensory-Impaired Children

Free curriculum for learners with multi-sensory impairment (deafblind) with multiple disabilities
Boy using tactile sign

Meet Liam: A video story of a 7-year-old who is deafblind

Video stories about 7-year-old boy who is deafblind and fully included in second grade.
Just Books Read Aloud screenshot

Just Books Read Aloud

Free website with videos of books being read aloud.
Millie Smith

Webcast: Strategies for Assessing and Teaching Students with Visual and Multiple Disabilities

This video examines how learners at the sensorimotor level acquire information and progress through the learning stages.
Texas Early Learning Pathways

Texas Early Learning Pathways

Developmental milestones and related activities for young children birth to five years of age
Communication book with picture and tactile symbol for "eat"

Video Stories: Deafblind Families Matter!

Video stories showing how to incorporate communication and literacy into the daily routines of young children who are deafblind
Off to the Park cover

Tactile Board Book: Off to the Park

Tactile board book for pre-braille readers and children with low vision