Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Strategies for Multiple Disabilities

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Below are posts related to Multiple Disabilities strategies.

Polar bear page adapted with braille and tactile card

Adapting Polar Bear Book for Children with Visual Impairments

Tips to adapt books for children with visual impairments
Tactile image of pig

Adapting Three Little Pigs for a Learner Who Is Deafblind

Modification of the Three Little Pigs story for students who are deafblind include tactile symbols, braille, and print.
Matching braille letters on popsicle sticks

Adaptations for Adult Friend Who Is Deafblind

Homemade braille projects for an adult who is deafblind
Stone soup with props and additional materials

Collaborative Unit Using 3-D Storybooks

3-D storytelling with props can be a helpful way to improve reading comprehension, fine motor skills, vocabulary, and braille literacy.
August record book

Accessible Record-Keeping Book

Create your own accessible record-keeping book to track work of braille students
Picture of tri-fold board used as a word wall

“Can We Do Oreo Reading Now?” #3 Word Wall

Make the classroom word wall accessible to students who are blind or low vision!
Child wearing tactile vest

Make Your Own Tactile Vest

Tips to create your own tactile vest for students with significant multiple impairments
Playing lucky ladybug game

Family Game Time: Modified Ladybug Game

Adapted color matching game to play with children who are blind or deafblind using braille and other modifications.
Tactile American flag with braille

Tactile American Flag

The tactile American flag has the Pledge of Allegiance in braille and makes the stars and stripes accessible to people who are blind, low vision, or deafblind. This is great for the 4th of July (Independence Day), Flag Day or any day at school!
Gold sticker

Literacy Tips for Children with CVI: Searching for a Salient Feature

Literacy tips for children with CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment) to find salient feature on a page
Boy riding on a train

All Aboard! Experience Book About Trains

Get ideas to make your own experience book for children who are blind, visually impaired, deafblind, low vision or with multiple disabilities!
Teacher appreciation

Operation Teacher (and Nurse!) Appreciation

Showing appreciation for teachers and nurses is a great way to incorporate braille literacy and the Expanded Core Curriculum, while also building support among team members.
Two yellow birds sitting on a perch

Canary Yellow Is The New Black

Determining print color preferences for students with low vision: Yellow text on a black background is often preferred by people with low vision, but it's important to learn what works best for an individual!
Page of tactile book of There Was An Old Lady

Making "There Was an Old Lady" Accessible

Make "There Was an Old Lady" accessible to children who are blind or visually impaired using objects, tactile and picture symbols, and a talking book
Picture symbols for Ferdinand the Bull

Making Ferdinand the Bull Accessible

Making Ferdinand the Bull accessible to young children with visual impairments through story box, picture and tactile symbols, and talking book
Hand exploring items on texture tray

Texture Trays

Create texture trays for students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities to encourage tactile exploration
Story box items for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Ideas for Sharing "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" with Children Who Are Visually Impaired

Create a storybox, tactile symbols and picture symbols to make If You Give a Mouse a Cookie accessible to children with low vision or multiple disabilities
Bear Hunt made accessible

"We're Going On a Bear Hunt": Accessible Ideas for Children with Multiple Disabilities

Making children's book accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities
Bear and Hare book with picture symbol of fish

Adapting Bear and Hare Go Fishing for Children with Visual Impairments, Including CVI

Adapting picture books for children with visual impairments, including CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment)
Braille writing song

Braille Writing Song

Song to teach finger position to create dots on a brailler