Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Lesson 4: Formatting Materials for Students in Grades 2-5

If you are a print reader, before you watch the Lesson 4 video, we recommend you emboss the Lesson 4 Activities.brf file or print the Lesson 4 Activities.pdf file. If you are using Duxbury, before opening any BRF files in Duxbury, go into the Global menu. Select "Formatted Braille Importer" and then check the box for "Read formatted braille without interpretation" at the top of the window. This will ensure that nothing is changed when opening the BRF files.  We suggest you wait to access the Lesson 4 PPT.pdf file until after you watch the video.

On Slide 17 of the video you will see an image of a table in braille and print. Please note the image of the table in braille has an error. In the third column, the column separation line should extend the full length of the third column. The image in the PowerPoint is correct.