Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Is Access2Books Useful to Your Work?

I'm the Best Giant Print & Braille
Can you tell me if your work has a use for our books at  It would help to know where they can be best used or how they can be improved. We want to develop our book distribution in the UK and internationally.   
The books are 75 point print with braille, and illustrations– dual format.   Our design is our best attempt to provide access to as many ‘print’ disabled children and adults, as possible, and share their favourite stories with family and friends.  As they are handmade we can change the format design.
They can provide inclusive story book time, and can be accessible stories for "print" disabled parents to use.
A loan book is available with free postage.   
Telephone: Eileen Finch on (0044) (0) 1525 853825 (UK)