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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Algebra By Hand

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Are you interested in a free subscription to an algebra web application that includes a state of the art math-to-speech interface to allow students with visual impairments to practice algebra independently? Algebra By Hand (TM) is an algebra tool that describes math equations aloud so that students can more easily comprehend and solve algebra problems. They're looking for teachers of the visually impaired to get feedback on this new system.

How does it work?

Students press the arrow keys on a standard keyboard to navigate through any mathematical expression. Each key only releases a bite-sized chunk of information about one part of the overall expression.  The student is free to explore an equation in any order that makes sense to them.  They can also use the keyboard to MANIPULATE an expression or equation using common algebraic operations.  It works entirely within a standard browser and requires no plug-ins.

Contact Michael Eiseman at or call them at (267) 606-6360 to take advantage of this free offer.