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BANA Plans for Implementation of UEB

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A Braille Authority of North America (BANA) forum met on October 31, 2013 in Louisville, KY to plan to the implementation of the transition to Unified English Braille (UEB) in the United States.  Forum planners recognize that the transition plan must take into consideration all aspects of using, learning, teaching, and producing braille. With that as a guiding principle, the Forum was organized into facilitated workgroups through which Forum delegates identified and prioritized actions needed in the following areas:

  •     quality UEB training for transcribers, proofreaders, and educators;
  •     the building of UEB transcription capacity;
  •     system adjustments for the procurement and delivery of braille materials in UEB;
  •     a smooth transition to UEB for children's braille reading and writing instruction and educational assessments;
  •     a smooth transition of adults' braille instruction to UEB and increased knowledge of UEB among adults who already use braille.

For more information see the press release.