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Braille and Born Digital Curriculum Survey

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There is growing concern in our field about the increasing amount of educational content that is being presented to our braille reading students in a digital and online format. Not only does the digital format and technology present challenges for our braille students and direct service providers, but so do the various platforms the content is being provided on, e.g. Learning Management Systems, such as Canvas, etc.

What makes this even more challenging is the lack of access to NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) publisher files to expedite braille conversion of publisher created content, as the NIMAS legislation does not cover “born-digital content” (no print equivalent), only print instructional materials. We need your help to learn more about the experiences and challenges of braille readers and born-digital instructional materials!

Please help us out by completing a survey and telling us what you know. The survey is a joint effort by the NIMAC and the National AEM Center. It is designed to help APH and other stakeholders better understand how digital material is affecting our students so we can formulate strategies going forward.

You can find the survey at

Please feel free to share this survey widely among your colleagues and others in the field!

Survey opens October 1, 2018 and will close on October 21, 2018.