Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Braille Trail Reader LE

Braille Trail Reader

The Braille Trail Reader LE is the newest refreshable braille display from American Printing House for the Blind (APH).   The Braille Trail Reader will come with an exclusive file transferring application, making it easy for teachers, parents, or students to load and transfer files to and from the Reader and any Windows device.

The Braille Trail Reader is loaded with other features that will prepare students for the more advanced refreshable braille displays they can expect to use later in life, including:
  • Cursor routers make for easily editing in the notes app, or opening apps when used with a screen reader
  • Silent and almost instantaneous refresh rate
  • 8GB of internal memory to store books, notes, etc.
  • Padded carrying case
  • Vibration feedback and/or auditory cues
  • Thumb key navigation so your hands never have to come off the braille display
  • Clock and stopwatch


Additional Features:

  • 14 high-quality braille cells and 8-dot braille input keys
  • Simple navigation methods and changeable braille codes
  • Comfortable typing experience with a note-taker style space bar
  • Touch sensor routers and HumanWare signature thumb keys
  • Navigation joystick
  • Internal intelligence:
    • Clock application and stop watch
    • Wake up iOS device
    • Stand-alone note application (with or without pairing to an iOS device)
  • Durable, red case



  • Braille Trail Reader LE
  • Durable carrying case and lanyard
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide (print)
  • Command Summary (braille)
  • Decorative Braille Bug® sticker


AVAILABLE ON QUOTA!  APH is now taking pre-orders for the Braille Trail Reader LE!